Aerial & Timelapse Photography

My interest in Photography led to an interest in films led to an interest in Drones led to a new dimension in my creative oeuvre. Films fascinate me. Some of my videos are now featured on Explore Georgia, Atlanta Trails and other networks. But where they most feature is in my vivid imagination to experiment more with filmmaking, film shooting and editing techniques.

“The Dance – Timelapse Video 4K”

Desert Southwest, includes arid landscape of the Mojave, Navajo and the Sonoran. From natural sandstones in Utah to towering buttes of Arizona to the Great Basin in eastern California, this dry desert carries its own colors and rhythms. Light from the stars and that of the sun, transforms this desert terrain into even more vivid scenes that changes dramatically from one horizon to another. 

Behind the Scenes.

Inspired Commitment
Empowered Vision
Passionate Creativity