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Landscapes are my grounding. Studio shots expose my skills. Portrait photography gives my work a face. Astro photography makes me reach for the stars. I specialize in all these. And recently, since I wanted to be Icarus, sprout wings and reach for the Sun; I also explore the world from above using SUAVs, better known as Drones.


Prashant is a unique photographer. Because he has a unique voice. Yes, voice. I believe great photography doesn’t come just from a good set of eyes. It comes from a deep resonance of emotion. And that’s what Prashant feels whenever he clicks. And in return, I feel the emotion in each of his snaps. Have seen him grow from an enthusiast to a beginner to someone now who is measured at his craft. Recommend him highly, both as a lensman and a human being. 

Shantesh Row
Shantesh Row
Slant Agency Dubai, Chief Creative Officer & Partner