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The Milky Way Arch – A panoramic journey!

The rising of the Milky Way is perhaps one of the most beautiful phenomena one can witness. A white, hazy band of light arches across the night sky, in a dazzling display of cosmic radiance—the kind of magic that leaves us forever enchanted and amazed. For stargazers, it’s a moment of celestial splendor and, for photographers, it’s a kind of spiritual moment when they are at the peak of their creative madness. Me? I am just a dreamer!

15 Best stargazing spots in Georgia

There’s nothing quite like staring up at constellations, feeling completely solitary in nature. The best places for stargazing are those away from the light pollution of cities and towns. Thankfully, Georgia has plenty of wide-open spaces.

These photos show why we need to preserve the night sky.

Due to the rapid growth in population, an increasing percentage of the human population lives in cities and suburbs where the night sky is completely obscured by the artificial lights. Skylines littered with lit skyscrapers reach sky high. An endless river of traffic flashing high beams. And the cities are ever-expanding. It is conceivable that most people have lived without having seen the true natural night sky.

The World at Night – Musa Galactica!

They say Arizona is a paradise for astro photographers. Flying high on the wings of anticipation, I have never been this sanguine about photographing the Milky Way. It’s like a muse for me…a Musa Galactica, if one were to call it that. And so it began, my dark night adventures in the West.

Chasing Milky Way in Georgia

Capturing the glorious arch of our Milky Way galaxy has always been my favorite journey. They say you have to walk through the darkness of the world to be able to see even the sliver of the light. And that is true in the realm of astro-photography. I have wandered more often at night than during the day in search of the light, in quest of that perfect landscape entwined with the dazzling beauty of the Milky Way.