“Petra is a brilliant display of man’s artistry in turning barren rock into a majestic wonder.” -Edward Dawson

Petra was always on my place-to-go-before-I-die list. My heart beat a frantic rhythm the day I decided to visit this wondrous ancient city of historical significance.

Seven wonders of the world

Sitting by the starboard side of the aircraft, watching as the ailerons opened to maneuver though the cumulus clouds over Saudi Arabia, everything stood dry and dull. Wadis spread over the bare land making numerous branches subsiding its own nervous system. My curiosity over ‘Petra – One of the seven wonders of the world’ was piqued.

As I breathed the very first air of Jordan, everything around me took me by surprise as before I was mesmerized. Jordan was not how I thought it to be. Since the trip was only for short time, I started to feel that all of its mysteries cannot be explored except for the better part of Petra.

That moment, when I first saw Petra


Exploration of ancient ruins of Petra was certainly a bliss, almost all the tourists were on their way back. It was 4 PM already when we started to trek, and for a photographer that was the best time to be exactly at peak of Mountain of Aaron (Jabal Harounby 6ish to have the dramatic sky behind with profusion of colors.

This elaborate rock altars were apparently used for sacrifices and it takes the name as such ‘High place of sacrifice’.  You can see much of the beautiful Petra from this vista. It was getting dark and I was scared a bit as there was literally no one around in the new found place. But it was so astonishing to keep hiking up and keep the camera rolling.

An unfinished mission

Tomb of Aaron and brother of mosses remained just a dream. At this height, as I usually do, I took a deep drags of my chillum, which came to succor the melancholy of not able to reach the peak, as I was unsure how much more time it would take to get to the top before it is too dark. We could have made it somehow, but somewhere the cold breeze winds whispered to pay another visit to accomplish this.

When it was time to say good bye, I was like a kid wanting to stay back in her lap. On the way back sky light rays was piercing through the tunnel making elegant artistic shapes of various shape. I got this child’s hand being held by a mother ( only leg is shown ) and then there is enlarged little finger of the child (Bottom right )and dress being scattered across (Top right), pieces of image sewed together to give such an impression.

One of the best I ever had. Mysteries are yet to be explored, unfinished mission is yet to be completed, unsaid words are yet to be told, unknown peak is yet to be hiked such is the glory of Petra. When ever it calls me, I would definitely pay my next visit.