Tybee Island - SavannahGeorgia I may have shut the world from my ears. But I’m hoping my voice is always heard by you.
A voice that speaks through my lens and my silence. From my screams and my dreams.
The Silence of the Scream.

Under which, I spoke to Mom.

I’ve spent endless nights in the mountains. I’ve done this more after my Mom passed away. It’s like as the stars shine, I see her smile reflected in them. Read More

North Georgia – Aerial/Timelapse

April 7th, 2014

A journey through the splendid beauty of North Georgia Mountains from ground and above. Read More

Why I love shooting at night.

For some reason I love taking photographs with night light than during day light. That moments when the shutter clicks open, capturing the light rays coming in from all directionsRead More

1/250s of my meeting with His Highness

As the last vestiges of winter were exiting and hazy clouds heralded the impending arrival of summer, Dubai celebrated the world’s richest horse race on the sprawling grounds of Meydaan.Read More

Ingenuity in the realm of Petra

“Petra is a brilliant display of man’s artistry in turning barren rock into a majestic wonder.” -Edward Dawson

Petra was always on my place-to-go-before-I-die list. My heart beat a frantic rhythm the day I decided to visit this wondrous ancient city of historical significance.Read More